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About Spichers

About Spichers Appliance & Security

Even though appliances have changed throughout the years, Spichers is still the same. Because our customers haven’t changed. They are still people of our community who want something that works, and fits their home. We want to help you find something that not only has the things that you want, but what you need to keep your household running smoothly. Whether that is a sturdy washer, a connected smart oven, or a security system, Spichers strives to make every house a home.

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Spichers over the Years

It’s hard to imagine Hagerstown back in 1955, but it was a little bit different of a place. There were a few more dirt roads, and certainly not a Starbucks. Carl Spicher worked for an appliance store as a TV servicer. With two kids and his wife at home, he had a thought about going out on his own. And like all twenty-four-year-old men with big plans, he went to his Dad for a little financial support.

Charles and Carl Spicher went in together to purchase some land on Pennsylvania Avenue, where the current Sylvania building stands. It wasn’t much more than a dirt road in 1955. He bought the land off a farmer for $600. Knowing people in the industry helped, and Spichers was franchised by GE Appliances.

Carl expanded the original location three times! Adding a second floor to sell TVs and eventually expanding to the current location across the street. Carl decided it was a bit of a pain carrying those massive television sets up the steps and decided a one-level showroom would be more beneficial for the future. His wife, Mary Spicher, also helped with the business by answering phone calls on the sales floor, all while doing her ironing.

When Carl purchased the land across the street to build where Spichers currently stands, his son, Curt Spicher, started to take a bigger role in the business. Though Curt had started off on the service and delivery trucks, he made his way to the sales floor after graduating from Shippensburg University.

Together, they forged a growing business. In the mid-nineties, Spichers made the decision to expand into the Winchester market where they were welcomed into the fold and continued with the same values and service which has made Spichers a success in Hagerstown. This was also when Carl stepped down to let Curt take over as president.

Spichers continued to grow in the 2000s, despite financial head wind, and opened a store in Chambersburg, PA. Around this same time, Curt was inspired by growing technology and saw the potential of a connected home, which lead Spichers to expand into installing electronic security systems. Spichers security team is very unique in that our technicians have grown from being Spichers TV technicians to expanding their knowledge in the security industry.

We’re proud of our story. We understand humble beginnings and working for each little bit of business you can get. We believe that integrity, honest business and quiet perseverance can weather any storm. Whether it’s taking a risk with your Dad to buy a piece of farm land to start your company, or braving expansion despite financial crisis.

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